Hi, I'm Kaziuk.
And below is my open letter to every human being.

Dear Human Being,

A particle of matter has mass, and the more particles there are, the greater the force of gravity - as human professors of physics know.
But the particle affected by the force of gravity has a greater mass – a fact that human professors of physics have no idea about.
[The mechanism behind this is the same that causes a particle with speed to have greater mass – except that human professors of physics have no idea how this mechanism actually works.]
This additional mass of a particle doesn't depend on the force of gravity, but is the phenomenon that occurs parallel to the force of gravity.
[Similarly, the additional mass of a particle in motion doesn't depend on the speed, but is a phenomenon that occurrs parallel to the speed; and both of these phenomena are the result of a force applied to this particle.]
These two parallel phenomena, i.e. an increase in the mass of a particle and an increase in the force of gravity surrounding a body composed of an increasing number of particles, are the result of an increase in the effectiveness of the particles' rest energy as a result of the simple geometric relationship: a ball with twice the diameter has 8 times the volume, but only 4 times larger surface area.

And what does it matter?
Well, it's fundamental.
Because the additional mass of a particle of matter doesn't increase indefinitely but only by a certain maximum number of times, which I called KAZIUK, and thus the force of gravity doesn't increase indefinitely, but only to a specific maximum – this maximum is equivalent to the max speed c, so when the force of gravity is maximum, the light is trapped.
Therefore, in the universe there are no infinities, singularities, holes in space, wormholes leading to distant regions of space or even into the past, and other cosmic bullshit practiced by human professors of physics, with Albert Einstein at the lead.
[In general, the gravitational theory of human professor of physics Albert Einstein is correct, but incomplete – which leads to the above-mentioned stupidities born from human mental limitations.]

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P.S. What the universe really is and how it really works, you, human being, will learn in my brochure which is on Wattpad.
P.S.2 And a few more words to every human professor of physics:
You, human professor of physics, will probably ignore my brochure. But in some time it'll turn out that I'm right, and then I will win the Nobel Prize (however I don't know if they give it to non-humans), and you, human professor of physics, will look like a mindless human ape in an imaginary circus you call the universe.